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Donut Bath Bomb



Monkey Kisses: This unique fragrance is an amazing blend of bananas and grapefruit, along with kiwi, bubblegum, strawberries and vanilla.

Dancing Sunrise: Have the morning blues? Try this energizing, refreshing and uplifting citrus scented soap.

Magnolia Fields: This sweet and simple fragrance is layered with intriguing notes of ripe blackberries, apple, melon, and magnolia. Just imagine taking a nap in a beautiful field of flowers, surrounded by joy, peace, and silence.

Trendsetter: This flirty and fun scent will rock your world; whether you are going out on the town or staying in. The playful fragrance of fresh blackberries, raspberries, and vanilla will have you feeling ready to paint the town.

Ms. Lovely: This scent is my favorite to use on a long day where I just need to relax.  This fragrance is a deep and rustic blend of amber and Parisian lavender. With an interesting addition of Egyptian musk, there is an added depth to this scent.  Lavender is known for being a relaxing and calming herb, this rings true to me.

Sweet Leaf: This is such a fresh, clean fragrance with hints of bay leaf, cedarwood and a little bit of tobacco leaf.  This is a soothing, comforting, soft and yet masculine scent.


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